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Marina V. Vorobjova,
E-mail: info@upelsinka.com

Religion and religiousness on post Soviet territories: the Russian case

Responding to a suggestion to discuss the subject of religion in contemporary society we turn our attention to Eastern Europe on purpose, because it is a fruitful place for thinking. It is here that we may observe the victory of religion over materialism, a growing of people's religiousness and sometimes interaction of religion with various areas of knowledge. It is paradoxical, but alongside we may observe growth of atheistic views among a part of the population, a lowering of moral and a growing inside conflict between science and religion. The example of Russia will help us to analyze this difficult and multisemantic situation.

Why is this example a good one? First of all, it is because Russian regions sometimes differ in multiconfessional and polyethnical, geographic and social factors. It means that when speaking about religion we provide a fuller and on a larger scale covering of the picture of what is happening withour leaving the borders of one country. Secondly, a specific attitude towards the Russian Orthodox Church, which, undoubtedly, leaves a mark on the political appearance of contemporary Russian state.

We hope, that our analytical overview will be useful for researchers of religions in Eastern European countries.

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